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Completed Works

All these works are available for performance rights; please contact Patricia directly via the form at the bottom of the page.


The Maid & The Mesmerizer

1 M, 1 W

80 minutes, no intermission

"an intense, realistic study of a lifespan of a relationship...Lynn's dialogue is astute and subtle, following the heartbeat of this strange but understandable couple" -- Theater Scene

The Great Mesmerizer, an insightful stage hypnotist, is pressured by his manager to add a stereotypical “lovely assistant” to spice up his show. But the zippy, witty woman he hires is anything but a stereotype. And she spices up his life in a very different way than he expected....


Inspired by the Bronte sisters' epic romance novels, The Maid & The Mesmerizer follows the volatile ups-and-downs of a fiery love affair—a sometimes funny, sometimes devastating play that explores the deep trust and safety that can blossom between romantic partners…and how unexpectedly that trust can be shattered.

Contains strong language, sexual situations, and intense conversations about sex, rape, and consent. Recommended for ages 16+


DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: The Maid & The Mesmerizer received a private in-house reading at Elephant Room Productions in 2022. The play received its world premiere at the A.R.T./New York Theatre Spaces.

Photo by DLW Photography NYC

Pictured: Patrick T. Horn, Patricia Lynn

Click below for more information about the world premiere production in March 2024!



1 M, 4 W

75 minutes, no intermission

SYNOPSIS: Jane Utterson is horrified when she realizes that her best friend, Jekyll, is conducting a highly dangerous medical experiment—an experiment that accidentally created a new vicious vigilante named “Hyde” who lusts to hunt down and punish all the privileged men who haven’t been held accountable for their sins...


As Jane desperately tries to help her best friend before it’s too late, she also faces a difficult ethical dilemma. Should she tell the authorities the truth about Hyde before someone else gets hurt? Or perhaps Jane doesn’t mind if other men get hurt. Perhaps Jane agrees with Hyde’s terrible form of justice more than she cares to admit…

Contains strong language and onstage violence. Recommended for ages 14+


DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: Jekyll received public readings with Hunger & Thirst Theatre in 2019 and 2020. The play was featured in the New Play Initiative at Triad Stage in 2022, receiving a week-long workshop with four public performances and talkbacks. 

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Your Invisible Corset

2 M, 4 W

90 minutes, no intermission

"a creepy, clever, and intensely resonant re-envisioning of DRACULA for our cultural moment..."  ~ Leah Richards and John Zeigler, Culture Catch

SYNOPSIS: Mina Murray-Harker wakes up with a scream as her husband carries her in to the hospital. Slowly, her memory begins to return. She remembers a wooden stake, a telltale scarf on her best friend Lucy's neck, and a dark mysterious figure gently kissing her mouth...

Your Invisible Corset is a modern-day female-focused adaptation of Dracula. While staying true to the original novel, the story remains sharply focused on the struggles of Dracula’s female victims, illuminating how Bram Stoker’s themes regarding Victorian women’s role in society are hauntingly relevant even today.

Contains strong language and onstage violence. Recommended for ages 14+

Pictured: Patrick T. Horn, Patricia Lynn

DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: Your Invisible Corset received its world premiere with Hunger & Thirst Theatre in 2018. 



An Honest Lesson in Self-Defense

1 M, 1 W

10 minutes

WINNER of the 2023 Emerging Playwrights Competition in New Hope, PA

SYNOPSIS: Missy has to learn self-defense. Fast. By tomorrow night. Before her husband's stupid charity costume ball. Can her ex-high-school-sweetheart Carter teach her time? More importantly, can Missy learn to defend herself while wearing a dumbass ball gown and way-too-high heels?

Contains strong language and onstage violence. Recommended for ages 12+

DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: An Honest Lesson in Self-Defense received a public reading at the Phillips' Mill Community Association in 2023. It has not yet had a full production.



2 M, 1 W

30 minutes

…tight and tense, simultaneously gentle and frightening, luring the audience bit by bit into the Gothic mystery of the house and the family…” 

 ~ Zelda Knapp, A Work Unfinishing

SYNOPSIS: Loosely inspired by The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, SCREWED follows a determined police officer desperate to solve two particularly disturbing murders. His last hope is Molly, the traumatized governess, but she is equally as determined not to confess what happened to her that night…

Contains strong language and depictions of violence, murder, suicide, and harrasment. Recommended for ages 13+

DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: Screwed received its world premiere at Hunger & Thirst Theatre in 2019.

Pictured: Patrick T. Horn, Patricia Lynn

Rescue Gone Wrong

1 M, 1 W

10 minutes

SYNOPSIS: A couple striving to spice up their love life decides to pretend to rescue each other from vampires. However, the evening does not go as smoothly as they expected...

Contains strong language and sexual situations. Recommended for ages 13+

DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: Rescue Gone Wrong was featured in the Under 15 Contest and the Best of the Best Festivals at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in 2019.

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